Board of Directors

Santos Brasil Participações’ board of directors is the Company’s decision-making body responsible for establishing its overall strategic guidelines, including its general business policies. Among other things, Santos Brasil Participações’ board is responsible for electing its executive officers and supervising their management. Currently, the Company’s board of directors is comprised of seven board members and a similar number of alternates and meets monthly or whenever requested by its chairman or by the majority of its members.

Under Brazilian Corporate Law, each director must hold at least one of the Company’s shares and, pursuant to Santos Brasil Participações’ bylaws, domiciled or not in Brazil. The Company’s directors are also prohibited from (i) voting on any matter that would result in such director having a conflict of interest with Santos Brasil Participações’; and (ii) borrowing funds or assets from the Company, without the prior authorization of its annual shareholders’ meeting or board of directors.

The term of office of the members of the Board of Directors of Santos Brasil Participações is two years, reelection allowed. The Board members are not entitled to any additional compensation in case of removal from office. The Company‘s Board members are not subject to mandatory retirement based on age.

Name Position Term Expires
Verônica Valente Dantas Chairman (independent member) ASM of 2018
Verônica Valente Dantas. Ms. Dantas holds a degree in Business Administration from the Bahia School of Business Administration and joined Opportunity Asset Management Ltda. in 1994, where she is still a managing partner. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of Brasil Telecom S.A., Telemig Celular Participações S.A. and Tele Norte Celular Participações S.A., among others, and an alternate member of the Board of Directors of Brasil Telecom Participações S.A..
Maria Amalia Delfim de Melo Coutrim Vice Chairman (independent member) ASM of 2018
Maria Amalia Delfim de Melo Coutrim. Ms. Coutrim holds a degree in Economics from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. She joined the Opportunity Group in 1994 and is currently a director of Opportunity Equity Partners Administradora de Recursos Ltda. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of Tele Norte Celular Participações S.A., Telemig Celular Participações S.A., Opportrans Concessão Metroviária S.A. and Brasil Telecom S.A. and was also a director of Opportunity Asset Management Ltda.
Daniel Pedreira Dorea Board Member ASM of 2018
Daniel Pedreira Dorea. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Federal University of Bahia, a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Catholic University of Salvador, and a post-graduation degree in Tax Law from IBET (Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies). He is a member of the ABCI Institute (Brazilian International Trade Scholars), headquartered in Washington, D.C. Mr. Dorea participated in the Commercial Policy Training Program promoted by the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, D.C., EUA, in 2008. He worked at Opportunity Private Equity Gestora from 2011 to 2016. Mr. Dorea joined Santos Brasil in October 2016 as CFO and IRO.
Eduardo de Britto Pereira Azevedo Independent Board Member ASM of 2018
Eduardo de Britto Pereira Azevedo. Chief Executive Officer of Agropecuária Santa Bárbara, where he has been working since 2014. Eduardo joined the Opportunity Group in 2011, in the Private Equity department. Prior, he worked at Banco BBM for eight years. Eduardo has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, USA (2011) and a degree in Economics from PUC-RJ (2003).
Ricardo Schenker Wajnberg Independent Board Member ASM of 2018
Ricardo Schenker Wajnberg. Founding partner of Módulo Capital and former partner of Gávea Investimentos, a company he joined in 2003. He previously worked at the investment bank Banco CR2 and at Banco BBM. He has served as an alternate member of the Board of Directors of Lojas Americanas, among other Brazilian companies. He has a master’s degree in Economics from IBMEC-RJ and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from PUC-RJ.
Julio André Kogut Independent Board Member ASM of 2018
Julio Kogut. Partner of Dynamo, Julio joined the company research team in 2006. Prior to Dynamo, Julio worked at Morgan Stanley investment banking division in São Paulo and he was also responsible for launching a venture in the education segment. Julio has a master’s degree in Economic Development from the Harvard Kennedy School and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from EAESP/FGV.
Rodrigo Leonardo Anunciato Independent Board Member ASM of 2018
Rodrigo Leonardo Anunciato. Founder & managing partner, portfolio manager and CEO of Cox Capital Management.  From 2007 to 2008, he was responsible for the energy (generation, distribution, transmission) and telecommunication (fixed and mobile) sectors besides the commercial department and co-management of the fund. Rodrigo has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from EAESP/FGV.

Fiscal Council

Under Brazilian Corporate Law, the ‘Conselho Fiscal’, or fiscal council, is a corporate body independent of the management and the company’s independent accountants. The primary responsibilities of the fiscal council are monitoring management activities, reviewing the company’s financial statements, and reporting its findings to the company’s shareholders. The fiscal council may be either permanent or non-permanent, in which case it will be created at the request of shareholders representing at least 5% of the voting shares to act by the first annual meeting held subsequently to its creation.

Under Santos Brasil Participações’ bylaws, its fiscal council is permanent and composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of five members and their respective alternates.

Under Brazilian Corporate Law, Santos Brasil Participações’ fiscal council may not include members that (i) are in its board of directors, (ii) are in the board of executive officers, (iii) are employed by the Company or a controlled company or a company under common control with Santos Brasil Participações; or (iv) are spouses or up to third-degree relatives of any member of Santos Brasil Participações’ management.

Name Position Term Expires
Gilberto Braga President ASM of 2018
Gilberto Braga. Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Candido Mendes Ipanema College in 1983 and in Accounting Sciences from Universidade Gama Filho (UGF) in 2001. Post-graduate degree in Financial Administration from IAG-PUC/Rio in 1992. Resident  professor of IBMEC-RJ for post-graduate courses in Tax Planning, Corporate Governance, Ethics and Private Equity. He was a financial executive of the Opportunity Group  and currently he provides advisory services in the areas of corporate, tax and forensic accounting at 2B Treinamento, Consultoria e Participações Ltda.
Leonardo Guimarães Pinto Member ASM of 2018
Leonardo Guimarães Pinto. Bachelor’s degree  in Accounting Sciences from the State University of Rio de Janeiro in 2001 and MBA in Corporate Finance from IBMEC-RJ in 2005. Since 2001, he has worked for Opportunity and is a managing partner at Opportunity Equity Gestora de Recursos Ltda.
Luís Fernando Moran de Oliveira Member ASM of 2018
Luís Fernando Moran de Oliveira. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from EAESP-FGV, he participated in the executive program of Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) with emphasis on Corporate Financial Strategies for Creating Shareholder Value. He is currently a consultant at MBS Value Partners, acting as a specialist in investor relations strategies. He has more than 20 years of experience as an investor relations officer, asset manager and investment analyst, having built his career in companies such as WEG, Itaú Corretora, BNP Paribas, Bradesco Templeton, Santander and Unibanco. He had been a director of IBRI (Brazilian Investor Relations Institute) for two years.