• Santos Brasil Participações S.A. various business units may face fierce competition.
  • The Company’s ability to substantially increase container throughput volume depends on the continuous improvement, expansion and maintenance of the rail and road networks to which Santos Brasil Participações S.A. is connected and the maintenance and improvement of the draft in front of its berths.
  • The Company’s leases may be terminated prior their maturity upon the occurrence of certain events, and Santos Brasil Participações S.A. may not receive adequate compensation for the value of its assets or loss of profits.
  • Demand for its services is substantially dependent upon the overall volume of Brazilian foreign trade and decreases in such volume may adversely affect Santos Brasil Participações S.A..
  • The Company may be unable to successfully implement its growth strategies.
  • Implementation of its growth strategies will require significant capital expenditures, and may require additional debt or equity capital, which may not be available or, if available, may not be on terms acceptable to Santos Brasil Participações S.A..
  • The loss of members of its senior management or its failure to attract and retain additional senior management personnel could have an adverse effect on the Company.
  • Santos Brasil Participações S.A.’s business is both cyclical and seasonal in nature, and the Company may experience fluctuations in its operating results.
  • Delays in customs inspections may materially and adversely affect the flow of trade at the Port and its container throughput volume.
  • Terminal operators are exposed to changes in port laws and regulations that may require them to retain additional independent unionized laborers. These workers are more expensive than terminal operators’ regular work force.