Article 1 – SANTOS BRASIL PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. (“Company”) is a corporation governed by these Bylaws and by applicable laws and regulations. Sole Paragraph – With the admission of the Company in the Novo Mercado of B3 S.A. – Brazil, Bolsa Balcão (“B3”), the Company, its shareholders, including controlling shareholders, managers and members of the Fiscal Council, when in operation, shall submit to the provisions of the Novo Mercado Regulation of B3.

Article 2 – The Company has its headquarters and venue in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, and it may, as resolved by the Board of Directors, regardless of authorization from the General Meeting, establish the place of headquarters, open and close branches, offices, establishments or representations, anywhere in Brazil or abroad.

Article 3 – The purpose of the Company is the commercial exploration of port facility through operations with containers, general load or related activities, involving recovery of existing facilities, the technology and management upgrade thereof, as well as the expansion of the facilities upon improvements, subject to the legal rules provided for in the regulation of the respective port, the Federative Republic of Brazil and notices and lease agreements which it is party to and bound by.

Sole Paragraph – The Company may also hold interests, as partner or as shareholder, in the capital stock
of other Brazilian or foreign companies and participate in consortia, as well as (i) commercially explore port and port-backup facilities, upon transfer of containers and related activities, (ii) provide services to operate and storage general load under its several modalities, and (iii) contract, including through leasing, public areas related to the subject matters described herein.

Article 4 – The Company’s term is undetermined, but not less than 2 (two) years after the end of the last port lease agreement explored by the Company, even it the same is extended.