Article 5 – The fully subscribed and paid in capital stock is R$ 1,078,874,631.61 (one billion, seventy eight million, eight hundred and seventy-four thousand, six hundred and thirty-one reais and sixty-one cents) , divided into 668,575,910 (six hundred and sixty-eighty million, five hundred and seventy-five thousand, nine hundred and ten common shares, all book-entry, registered and with no par value.

Paragraph One – Each common share entitles its holder the right to one (1) vote in the resolutions of the General Meeting.

Paragraph Two – The Company may not issue beneficiary parties.

Paragraph Three – All shares issued by the Company are book-entry and held in an escrow account in the name of their holders with an institution authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM), to be indicated by the Board of Directors to provide this service.

Article 6 – The Company may not issue preferred shares.

Article 7 – The Company is authorized to undertake a capital increase regardless of decision made at general meeting, up to the limit of 2,000,001,000 (two billion and one thousand) common shares, as resolved by the Board of Directors, which will establish the conditions for issuance and placement of such securities.

Paragraph One – The Company may grant, under the terms resolved by the shareholders at the General Meeting, stock option representing its capital stock to its managers and employees.

Paragraph Two – By resolution of the General Meeting or of the Board of Directors, the Company may issue shares, subscription bonus or debentures convertible into shares, in the events provided in article 172 of Law 6,404/76, excluding the preemptive right or reducing the vesting period established by law.