Article 38 – All shareholders or group of shareholders of the Company shall disclose, by sending a notice to the Company and the stock exchanges in which the securities issued by it are traded, any acquisitions of shares that, added to shares already held, exceed 5% of the capital stock of the Company or multiples of this percentage.

Paragraph One – Holders of debentures convertible into shares, call options and subscription warrants that entitle their holders to acquisitions of shares in the numbers of shares described in this article shall have the same obligation.

Paragraph Two – Violation to the provisions set forth in this article shall give rise to the penalties described in article 39 below.

Article 39 – The General Meeting may suspend the exercise of rights, including voting rights, of any shareholder who fails to comply with any obligations imposed by law, regulations or these Bylaws, including the obligation to disclose the acquisition of ownership interests, as provided for in article 38 hereof.

Paragraph One – Suspension of the exercise of rights may be resolved by the General Meeting at any meeting, whether ordinary or extraordinary, which has such matter in its agenda.

Paragraph Two – Shareholders representing at least 5% of the capital stock may call a General Meeting when the Board of Directors fails to meet, within eight (8) days, a request for call notice made by the shareholders, by indicating non-compliance of such obligation and the identity of such defaulting shareholder.

Paragraph Three – The General Meeting that approves the suspension of political rights of such shareholder must also establish, in addition to other things, the extent and period of such suspension, provided that the suspension of inspection rights and rights to request information provided by law will not be permitted.

Paragraph Four – The suspension of rights shall terminate immediately after the compliance of the obligation. Article 40 – The provisions of the Novo Mercado Regulation shall prevail over the statutory provisions, in the hypotheses of loss to the rights of the receivers of the public offerings provided for in these By-laws.