Article 43 – The Company, at any time, in order to improve its services and get adapted to new management methods, may adopt mechanic processes of issuance and authentication of commercial documents, in conformity with standards and systems established by market practices.

Article 44 – Holders of shares in the voting capital stock of other company(ies) incorporated in order to execute a container terminal lease agreements in the Port of Santos will be prohibited from simultaneously holding interests, directly or indirectly, in the voting capital stock of the Company.

Article 45 – The acquisition of control of the Company by any third party or the execution of a shareholders’ agreement in order to exercise the control of the Company may only occur upon approval from the Ministry of Transports, Ports and Civil Aviation.

Article 46 – The shareholders of the Company shall comply and shall cause compliance with the requirements set forth in PND/MT/CODESP Notice No. 01/97, in addition to any requirements later issued by the Granting Authority, in order to adjust the container terminal lease agreement in the Port of Santos.

Article 47 – The Company shall inform to the Ministry of Transports, Ports and Civil Aviation any changes to interests held by shareholders in the control of the Company, pursuant to regulations in force. Whenever such change occurs, the Company shall submit to the Ministry of Transports, Ports and Civil Aviation the new list of shareholders who hold controlling interests in the Company, indicating such shareholder’s name and the number of shares held by him/her. If such shareholder or quota holder included in the list is a legal entity, the Company must also indicate the ownership interests held by it, as well as ownership interests held by its shareholders, and so son, until shareholding control is clearly evidenced, per individual or legal entity, headquartered in Brazil or abroad.