3.1. The Related Persons shall act before the Company and any third parties, whether they are agents of the capital market or not, in compliance with this policy and with principles of loyalty, rectitude, and veracity.

3.2. The Related Persons shall always take into consideration their role in relation to society as a whole, to the Company and its employees, and to the national and foreign regulatory organs.

3.3. It is incumbent upon the Related Persons to allow the access of all investors to Relevant Acts or Facts, and the use of Inside Information in any form for their own benefit or that of third parties is prohibited.

3.4. The Related Persons shall ensure that the disclosure of information about the Company’s business or its main shareholders, if it is the case, in the national or foreign market, is done in a complete and timely way, and that it encompasses the correct and precise reality of the Material Act or Fact to be disclosed.

3.5. The Related Persons are responsible for ensuring that the disclosure of information about the Company’s equity and financial status is correct, complete, continuous and developed by the administrators in charge of that function, and also that it encompasses data about the evolution of their respective shareholding in the Company’s capital stock, as provided for in the present policy and in the regulation in force.