5.1. The Material Acts or Facts may, exceptionally, not be disclosed if the Company’s administrators or its Controlling Shareholders understand that their disclosure will put in risk the Company’s legitimate interest (CVM Instruction no. 358, article 6, caput).

5.1.1. In the event the Material Act or Fact is pegged to operations directly involving the Controlling Shareholders and the latter decide not to disclose it, they shall inform the Investor Relations Officer.

5.1.2. The Company’s administrators and the Controlling Shareholders may submit to the CVM their decision to, exceptionally, keep secret the Material Acts or Facts whose disclosure they understand to put in patent risk the Company’s legitimate interests (CVM Instruction no. 358, article 7).

5.2. In case the information related to the Material Acts or Facts referred to in section 5.1 above escapes the control or in case there is an atypical fluctuation in the quotation, price or number of the Securities traded, such Material Acts or Facts shall be immediately disclosed, either directly, through the Company’s administrators or the Controlling Shareholders, or indirectly, by the Investor Relations Officer (CVM Instruction no. 358, article 6, sole paragraph).