6.1. The Related Persons are under the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the Inside Information to which they have access by virtue of their title, office or position, until its disclosure to the market, as well as ensure that subordinates and third party of their trust also do it, being jointly liable in the event of the non-fulfillment of the confidentiality duty (CVM Instruction no. 358, article 8).

6.1.1. The Related Persons shall ensure that the persons who may come to provide services to the Company, including independent auditors, securities analysts, advisors and institutions comprising the distribution system, comply with the confidentiality duty.

6.2. For guidance purposes, whenever there is a doubt concerning the relevance of the Inside Information, the Related Persons shall contact the Investor Relations Officer, in order to resolve the doubt.

6.3. In the cases where the Company and/or its shareholders are involved in a public offer for distribution of Securities, projected or decided, the Related Persons shall limit, until the offer is disclosed to the market (i) the release of information related to the offer to what is necessary for its objectives, warning the recipients of the confidentiality of the information transmitted; and (ii) the use of the confidential information strictly to the purposes concerning the preparation of the offer (CVM Instruction no. 400, article 48, section I).

6.3.1. The Related Persons shall also refrain from communicating in the media about the offer or the offeror, until the publication of the “Distribution Closure Notice” (CVM Instruction no. 400, article 48, section IV).

6.3.2. As of the moment when the offer becomes public, the Related Persons shall, when disclosing information about the Company or the offer, (i) respect the principles concerning the quality, transparency and equality of access to the information; and (ii) clarify their connections with the Company or their interest in the offer, in their communications about issues involving the offer, the Company or the Securities object of the offer (CVM Instruction no. 400, article 48, section V).

6.3.3. The Company and/or its shareholders involved in the offer shall ensure the precision and conformity of any information provided to any investors, regardless of the media utilized, with the information included in the prospectuses used in the public distribution of Securities (CVM Instruction no. 400, article 49).