7.1. The executive officers, members of the board of directors, of the fiscal council, and of any technical or advisory bodies, established by the Company’s Bylaws, shall communicate to the Company the number, the characteristics and the form of acquisition of the Securities and of securities issued by Controlling Shareholders or Subsidiaries, which are publicly-traded companies, or referred to them, of which they are holders, as well as any further alterations in their shareholding (CVM Instruction no. 358, article 11).

7.1.1. The communication shall also indicate the Securities that are owned by the respective spouses, partners, dependents included in their annual income statement and directly or indirectly controlled companies (CVM Instruction no. 358, article 11, paragraph 2).

7.2. The communication shall be directed to the Investor Relations Officer, and, by the latter, to the CVM and to the Stock Exchanges, as per the form attached herein as Exhibit II, within the maximum term of ten (10) days after the end of the month when the shareholding alterations are verified, or in the month in which the persons mentioned in item 7.1 of this policy are invested in their position.

7.3. The communication contemplated in this section shall be effected by the persons indicated in item 7.1 herein (i) within the maximum term of five (5) days after each trade is executed; and (ii) on the first business day after installation in the position (CVM Instruction no. 358, article 11, paragraph 4).

7.4. The information contained in item 7.1. herein must be delivered in individual and consolidated format by a Company body, and the consolidated positions will be available in the electronic Occasional and Periodic Information system – IPE.